Winter is the peak season for bass fishing in Taiwan because during winter times the climate is more comfortable. Due to lack of rain, after the retreat of water among a lot of lakes, the fishing areas that are available for fishing has increased. Anglers have started targeting bass for the main fish species to hunt. And for basses, when there is a cold current, with a good cold resit ability, bass will still hide in the deep waters with slow motion. In this case, we will adapt the fishing method of reflex biting the bait. As we call reflex is that when objects like food enter the bass's attack range, it will bite it instinctively. For example, when there are objects approaching us at a fast speed, we will dodge them or block them with our hands. In this way, we will shake the bait at a fast pace or utilize the shiny fake baits for fishing.

The fake lure we use for this paragraph is the sea cockroach 1.5 from Jackall. This kind of bait has a small tail but a big swinging range. While using the spinning sequin it won't bump into the tail which makes the swinging pretty stable. It is a recommend soft bait to fish with.

This time we are going to introduce to anglers the Valley hunter spinning sequin and the jig head to pair with. We are mainly using the reflex effect of the sequin to attract the attention of bass and you can adjust the weight to go with the water environment. On the other hand, the hook of the jig head is exposed on the outside, so using the worm hook will be more direct and has a better hit rate. Under the circumstances of needing to operate delicately with high sensitivity, Valley hunter VHS-642UL is the best option. During the fighting process with basses, people will ofter get hyped and forget the cold winter

The fishing rod we use is the Valley hunter series which is developed for Spinibarbus hollandi. This type of rod has tough blank and soft action, you can send the lure to the fishing spot with ease. On the other hand, Valley hunter is very sensitive, the sensitivity won't be affected by the strength. During the operating process, you can clearly feel the dynamic of the lure and will know if the swimming form is correct underwater. Besides the Valley hunter lure rod series is convenient to carry around. After some tests and selections, we decide to perform it with a 2p fishing rod, it won't be delayed because of the smoothness of the guides and cause the deduction on the sensitivity and strength. It is a fishing rod for both leisure and competing and can easily deal with hard bait and soft baits.

Winter black bass lure selection:
JACKALL ちびチヌムシ1.5″
This lure is small but the tail has a big swinging range, using the spinning glitter, it won't collapse with the tail, so makes the swing very stable, which is a very recommended soft bait

The spinning sequin, pair with the spinning stainless swivel. There are many fishing methods, the spinning sequin is very flashy and can attract the attention of the target fish and is very powerful in any different fishing areas.