It has been raining a lot in the North, so while the rain is smaller on off days, carry some soft worms like TT shake and FF tail, with the newly released rocket jig hook. We can fish with ease.

It is known that recently, saurels bites a lot. Put on some extra clothes, rush to the Zheng bing harbor. After all, we are young, raging is what we do.

After about an hour by car, we arrive at our fishing spot. There is a falling tide, and there are a lot of knife fish under the light, they are some regulars in the harbor. Rock bottom species are also some of our target fish. Also the cardinalfish. It is hard for you to not catch a fish. We use the Rock master 682UL for bottom fishing, and can easily handle the situation while catching a palm-size fish

This time we are looking for saurels. Saurels during winter times is bigger in average, bringing them home for cooking is also a good option.

At this period of time, the wind is too big and the flow is too fast, so we will use the 3-gram weight with 1.9 inches of TT shake soft worm. It has casting ability and is also sensitive. Reeling it plainly, or changing in speed. We caught some shuttle. Those in winter times are not very small. We saw some familiar fish afterward, so we swapped to a weight of 1.2 grams, with 1.3 inches FF tail soft worm. Our first catch is the saurel with decent size. The night is filled with the music of the fishing line, it is very lively.

The water cut ability of the rocket jig head hook is good. The form of a rocket head will make the bait swim in a Z shape while reeling it. It is very attractive to the fish in the harbor. There is an anti detach design for soft worms, to increase the stability and also to keep the soft worm on the hook. And then is the hook, even if we meet a bigger grouper or bass, the hook is most likely not to be damaged.

Soft worm recommendation for Hyperoglyphe fish:
Valley hunter micro soft worm
It is designed to target Hyperoglyphe fish, no matter the fish are at the bottom or between the rocks, there is an outstanding performance. Especially the soft but strong fabric. it will increase the sensitivity underwater and perform well to attract fish. All in all, will increase the biting rate of fish

The jig head hook recommendation:
The Valley hunter rocket jig head VH-30
The valley hunter rocket jig-head hook. While it drops into the water there will be a stable form, and while we change of pace while reeling it, it will perform Z shape, the thin and long, rocket shape design gives it good water cut ability and arouse the desire for fish to attack. We are able to take care of all kinds of fish and all kinds of situations.