切紋毛氈釘底防滑鞋(旋鈕) GB-20102


【Knob buckle shoelace design 】
With the big open design, makes it smoother to remove
Adjustment in one button, easy to remove, and can adjust the tightness in just a rotation movement

【Stripe pattern bottom nail shoe design】
At the bottom of the shoe, there is a good elastic EVA design which can absorb pressure and reduce the impact
The new felt pattern can bend a lot
With the 11mm thickness of felt, you have great traction to the ground and good durability.
Strong stainless shoe nails, not easy to bend and has a great anti-skid ability

【Enhanced protection at the toe cap】
Rubber protection at the toe cap makes it efficient to protect your toes from kicking the rocks and to make it better looking

【The shoe fabric is made of ventilating cloth】
Using the ventilating cloth design can reduce the heat caused by the feet, and make the wearing more pleasant

The fabric of Knob buckle shoelace:Enhanced resin, stainless shoelace
Shoe fabric:mannmadeleather+ ventilating fiber
Shoe bottom material:Fest PP fiber, stainless, manmade rubber
Model (CM):23、24、25、26、27、28、29、30


HR 切紋毛氈釘底防滑鞋 GB-20102 800 01
Knob buckle shoelace design
HR 切紋毛氈釘底防滑鞋 GB-20102 800 03
Stripe pattern bottom nail shoe design
HR 切紋毛氈釘底防滑鞋 GB-20102 800 02
Enhanced protection at the toe cap
HR 切紋毛氈釘底防滑鞋 GB-20102 800 04
The shoe fabric is made of ventilating cloth