The wind in autumn is blowing, the moss is green, the water is less, and the mainstream is rapid, find a fishing place without water flow. These are the mnemonic phrase for fishing Holland’s crap in the autumn and winter.

In autumn, rainfall in Taiwan began to decrease, and the water flow gradually decreased. As a result, the flow of some small streams also slowed down. At this time, the moss also became more and more. Holland’s crap is an omnivorous species, so they would eat moss when there was no meat, but when there is meat to eat, why not for it?

So even in the mossy season, Lure is also a big trend, because the protein and nutrients of meat are much higher than the moss, so you can effectively catch the Holland’s craps if you choose the right position and right skills, and you can also catch fish even there is no water flow.

When the early autumn arrives, many streams still have some water, but it is obviously much less than the summer rainy season. When there are many mosses, we can set the strategy to the mainstream. The mainstream does not have to be a wide and deep watershed, but a watery and deep area place. How do you find the fish after finding these places? This has become an important key to the rate of catching.

In the case of low water level, TOP WATER is a good choice. You can use the TOP WATER to mimic the movement of the small fish to escape, in order to attract the nature of the hunting, and stimulate their impulse to bite the bait. MEGABASS DOG -X Jr is recommended. Its center of gravity is stable, its throwing effect is excellent, and the Z-shaped range of running is also wide. The sound generated by the built-in small steel ball effectively attracts the attention of the Holland's crap, regardless of the area. No matter what environment, MEGABASS DOG-X Jr can be used to stimulate the activity of the fish first.

SPOON is also an excellent choice, because the water layer in the cobbled terrain is variable, so using SPOON to explore the water layer is also very good, when you take the rod high and shake, it can imitate the small fish, and when you slowly dragging in the bottom, it is like the natural small fish swimming in the water, which can stimulate the appetite of the Holland’s crap.

In the use of fishing rods, the VALLEY HUNTER series are developed with the Holland's crap as the main fish species. This fishing rod has a strong body and flexible action. In the fishing spot of the rapids, it is necessary to operate the bait in the shortest time and let the bait be washed away by the rapids. It is a key to show the best swimming dynamics. Only VALLEY HUNTER can do it, because if the fishing rod is too soft and the shaking distance changes too much, the length of the line will affect the swimming stroke of the bait. If the fishing rod is too hard, the distance of the bait will be dragged, and it will not be able to fight in the rapids. Therefore, in the stream, the superb operation of the bait can only be done by selecting the right fishing rod.

And the VALLEY HUNTER series are more convenient to carry, after some tests, we chose to use the unequal ratio of 2P plug-in style, it is no longer slow due to the unnatural bending, or causing poor sensitivity and weakening. It is a leisure and competitive rod, whether you use a hard or soft bait, it can be easily matched.

HR SPOON : Even if the operation is stable, it can still generate an unstable swing. Like the small injured fish in the water, the swimming layer can be adjusted according to the way the fisherman controls the rod. No matter what kind of environment, it is still a comprehensive and must-have Lure for the stream fishing.

MEGABASS DOG-X Jr. : The excellent Z-word running method, the body is designed with small steel balls, which will produce a light and brittle impact sound when the bait is used, so as to attract the Holland's crap, the center of gravity is properly configured, the long-range throwing effect is good, and the hit rate of throwing is relatively improved. It is an indispensable item for TOP WATER.