【New Product】Valley Hunter 4P Travel Fishing Rod.

Black seabream can be caught all year and is one of the common fish species in Taiwan.
Before using lure to fish, let's understand their habits first. Black seabream can survive at a water temperature of 5 °C to 35 °C, the adaptable temperature for them in sea water is 12 ° C to 27 ° C, and the best water temperature for eating bait is 18 ° C to 25 ° C; They are most active when the water temperature is around 22 °C, and the fish will be willing to eat bait. If it is below 10 °C or above 30 °C, they will not eat the bait. Black seabream is euryhaline, sensitive and suspicious, with highly vigilant, and inhabits water depths of about 50 meters. There are sandy bottoms, harbors and estuaries. The inner bay with reflux is the first choice. Most of them live in the water depth of about 50 meters along the shore with sand bottom, harbor, estuaries, and the inner bay with backflow is also their first choice. They usually will go to the shore for foods through the tide of rising and falling.

In the end of autumn, the black seabream prepared for winter, in order to store the body's fat, so they will eat near the shore, this is a good time to catch them. To catch black seabream, you must first understand their diet. The black seabream usually live in bottom of the waters, so in the selection of bait, fish-type lures such as MINNOW, VIBRATION, and CRANK are generally reconmended. The purpose is to sneak into the layer of the black seabream (It would be better if it could scrape the sand, which would simulate the small fish that was eating.) They can be caught by shrimp, fish, and insect-shaped soft baits. You can also observe the black seabream in the area, what is the main food, and use the lure that is closest to their food type to go fishing. The topography of the estuary is generally sand mud terrain or sand-stone mixed terrain. When the sea comes in or out, it gradually forms a ditch under the water, and experienced fishermen can distinguish it with their eyes. These ditches are also one of the paths that black seabream come in. To increase the chance of catching black seabream, it is necessary to watch the tides before you go out. Black seabream will become active as the water flows, and they will attack the small fish, shrimps, etc. that pass through the water.

Use the VALLEY HUNTER VHS-692 series of fishing rods with high sensitivity to capture every weak signal and the best timing. The strong waist of F action, when you are in the stone structure, you can pull the prey away from the obstacle at the first time, reducing the chance of disconnection. The two-section unequal design makes the bending curve more perfect, and giving users more confidence. Whether it is a soft bait/hard bait, it also can be correspond to the fishing rod, and the versatility is very high. Excellent long-range throwing ability, you can attack the distant ditch and catch a bigger black seabream!

The choices of Lure for Black Seabream :

For the hard bait, we recommend the HR JERKBAIT series of fish-type lure, which has a Japanese painting style, and the swimming layer is very stable, it can simulate the small fish that are eating or fleeing. The general method is to level the line, adjust the line speed according to the activity of the day, you can also add a pause point in the middle, so that the black seabream has more time to eat the bait.

For soft baits, we recommend JACKALL's Baby Dragon 2, which is one of the series developed by them for the black seabream. The flavored formula and the super-jittering swimming style allow the black seabream to take the bites. It is recommended to match the Texas Rig and the Jig Heads. The technique is to let the lure stick to the bottom and jump, focus on the underwater structure, and don't miss any signal!!