Bihai (China) 2018 Autumn Fishing Tackle Industry Expo, Hearty Rise is located at N7-074
Suzhou Shanghua 2018 Winter (International) Fishing Tackle Exhibition – Sidelights of HEARTY RISE

Exhibition time: 2018/12/7~12/9
Hearty Rise Booth No: C1-10719
Suzhou International Expo Center
Address: No.688, Suzhou Avenue East, Suzhou Industrial Park, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

It is a brand new year for Hearty Rise. Because the Chinese fishing teacher of Bass, Guochang Zeng, joined our Hearty Rise, and his participation has made Hearty Rise's Lure business unit shine!
Next, we will introduce the four Lure fishing rods designed and supervised by Mr. Zeng, namely SUONALATIOM, LAIGUENDI, DYU BEAT, SILVER SWORD, and two other hand poles! ! !
Hearty Rise sincerely invites you to join the Shanghua Fishing Tackle Exhibition this year!