December is the winter in Japan. In terms of temperature, the temperature of the Lake Biwa in the south is 2 to 15 degrees, and the water temperature is 8 to 15 degrees. It is a low water temperature period and the most difficult time to fish. There are many typhoons in Japan this year, and many areas of water grass in Lake Biwa have been swept into chaos, so the fish will be particularly difficult to find.

What is known in Taiwan at present is that in winter, as long as the water is cold, the fish will hide in the depths, but in Lake Biwa, it is not. Even though the water grass area has been reduced a lot, some parts still survive, and the habit of Bass in the Lake Biwa is hiding in the roots of the water grass, and waiting for the movements. Because there are few tree structures around Lake Biwa, most of them are structural areas such as water grass areas or rock faults, which are their main habitats.

The target was based on the water grass area. In terms of bait selection, I used the JACKALL TN60 series because the searched swimming layer is within 1 meter and the water depth is only 1.5 to 2 m. In order to hunt and hide in the roots of the grass. The huge Bass will be searched by VIB, so the fishing method is different from the winter fishing method we are familiar with. In addition, there are many gentle areas in Lake Biwa. In the cold, there will be many BASS resting here. At this time, you can choose VIB to use the method of rapid vibration to induce BASS to eat bait, which is especially effective in cold winter.

VALLEY HUNTER series has once again been innovated. Generally, the fishing rods are usually 1P or 2P, and the length of the storage is always over 90 cm, which is not convenient to carry. Therefore, in order to make the fishing hunters no longer troubled by the problem of storage, we officially launched the easy-to-carry travel fishing rods with a total storage length of 60cm, and there is a strap on the bucket that can be carried by hand or carried on the body. This makes Lure fishing easier, whether you are driving or riding a scooter, or even taking public transportation, you don't have to bear the peculiar look for strangers, and also make carrying more safe and worry-free.

Although this type of fishing rod is 4P, when it is combined, the fishing feel is definitely not worse than the 1P rod. The models launched this time include VHC-664M (Casting) and VHC-684L (Spinning), and the action is FS. It is a casual and competitive fishing rod. It can be easily matched with either a hard bait or a soft bait. Just come and enjoy the fun of Lure with the fishing rods of the Valley Hunter!


When the fish stick to the bottom in the extreme cold winter, you can use their natural reflection of the mouth to make them bite the baits. So if you use the operation method of moving up and down like an ECG with strong vibration, it can effectively make the fish open their mouths and eat the baits.


Stable swimming and moving paths, excellent sensing capability, allowing you to search slowly or quickly, and there are many built-in structures for you to choose from, whether you need silent or high-frequency, loud, you can choose according to your personal preferences. It is suitable for all seasons and the whole water layer, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter.